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Connecting Small to Medium Enterprises to Strategic Design Services

In 2009, the Design Industry Advisory Committee launched the Design Advisory Service (DAS) to introduce innovation-focused SMEs in Ontario to strategic design resources. The program was again supported by the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) in 2010. In each of these two years, DAS completed ten projects with SMEs in a variety of industry sectors including solar technology, construction, consumer products, automotive parts, and health care. Accredited designers in industrial, graphic and interior design, architecture and landscape architecture provided strategic consulting services to these projects. SMEs from all industry sectors, who have not previously worked with a designer, were eligible to be considered for a DAS project. The company paid a nominal fee for the service. Each company selected to participate in the program received:

a) An audit of design opportunities aligned to strategic business goals.

b) One week of strategic design consulting services by an accredited designer.

c) Follow up assessment of results and case study on the project.

Media Coverage

DIAC announced the launch of the Design Advisory Service in an article in Design Engineering Magazine in August/September 2009.

Design Engineering Article

DIAC published the first case study on the Design Advisory Service in Design Engineering Magazine in September 2010.

Nu-Co Case Study

The European Union’s Design Policy Bulletin, Sharing Experience Europe (SEE), published a case study on DIAC’s Design Advisory Service in October, 2010.┬álink: See Bulletin Case Study on DAS

SEE / DIAC Case Study

Access this Service

To access this service, or for further information on the Design Advisory Service, please contact, Arlene Gould, Strategic Director, DIAC strategy@diac.on.ca

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