Design Salons

2009 Salons

In 2009, the Design Industry Advisory Committee partnered with the Martin Prosperity Institute and Salon Camden to develop and host a series of Design Salons. At each of the salons, thought leaders from industry, government, education and design were invited to engage in a stimulating debate with an expert guest speaker and to enjoy a gourmet dinner and networking hour.

May 13, 2009, Christopher Hume, columnist for the Toronto Star, spoke on “What’s wrong with Canadian cities?”

June 23, 2009, Dr. Tara Vinodrai, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, spoke on “Design in a downturn? Understanding the place of design in Ontario.”

July 21, 2009, Brian Burns, Professor, School of Industrial Design, Carleton University spoke on “Industrial Designers: despoilers or saviours?”

2011 Salons

The Beauty Salon Dinners

For years, design champions have argued that the designer’s impact goes far beyond the aesthetic. But are we ignoring design’s most potent weapon for creating unique, compelling and resilient buildings, infrastructure, landscapes, and public space? Is it time to reconsider the case for beauty and its defining role in 21st Century innovation?

Design Salon Dinner #1: What Makes a Beautiful City? Toronto vs. Montreal

The Beauty Salon Dinner series was launched on April 5th at the Martin Prosperity Institute with a conversation on “What Makes a Beautiful City?”. Special guest Marie-Josee Lacroix, Design Commissioner of Montreal, joined Toronto city leaders for this discussion.

Design Salon Dinner #2: Is Canadian Innovation in Crisis? A Conversation on Beauty, Function and Design.

DIAC co-hosted the second event in the Beauty Salon dinner series, “Is Canadian Innovation in Crisis?” on May 10th. The dinner conversation explored the relationship between beauty, function and design. Les Mandelbaum and Paul Rowan, Co-Founders of Umbra, were the special guests at the event.