Walking Forum: Putting Pedestrians First

Designers from all disciplines have a critical role to play in developing human-centred streetscapes that put pedestrians first. In January 2010 DIAC collaborated with the City of Toronto and the Toronto Society of Architects to organize a Designers Forum in support of the Toronto Walking Strategy. DIAC assembled a cross-disciplinary panel of design experts (representing ACIDO, ARIDO, RDG Ontario, TSA and OALA) to share their insights and recommendations.

Complete Streets Forum

The Design Industry Advisory Committee led a breakout session at the Complete Streets Forum on April 23rd, 2010. The Forum was organized by the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT). DIAC’s cross-disciplinary panel discussion was titled “The Holistic Design Approach to Complete Streets”. The panel members were: Scott Torrance, (Landscape Architect),Chris Hardwicke (Architect), Wayne McCutcheon (Graphic Designer) and Arlene Gould (Moderator).